The River at Moruya

Just spent a very pleasant weekend at Tuross Heads on the south coast with friends who own a house there.  Lots of walking, eating and relaxing.

Saturday evening we went to The River at the nearby coastal town of Moruya where we enjoyed an excellent meal.

Two of us had the Salmon Carpaccio with Red Capsicum Puree and Parmesan Wafers, followed by the fish of the day – Pan-fried Ling served on Pea Puree, garnished with some pickled ribbons of carrot and white radish and a deep fried, lightly-battered Zucchini Flower, which had been stuffed with a prawn mixture.  Both were delicious.  The salmon wasn’t thinly sliced as carpaccio usually is, but the slices melted in the mouth and the bright red puree made a perfect accompaniment.  The zucchini flower was to die for – I wish there had been two!  Crispy and light.  Back in Canberra I see we have some zucchini flowers on our plant in the garden, so I am planning to stuff some this week!

The third guest had Cauliflower Risotto followed by a pork dish and the fourth had half a dozen local oysters followed by a veal dish.  There were no complaints.

3 thoughts on “The River at Moruya

    • The salmon was cut into a log, the way you do with tuna, then marinated and rolled in herbs I think. Then patted dry and quickly seared on the outside and cut into 1cm slices. Three slices per serving, each one with a pile of red capsicum puree on top then a parmesan wafer, which I’ve made before. I plan to make it soon and will put the recipe and photo on here…….unless you beat me to it.

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